December 2019


Join organizers: Blakesley Burkhart, Mike Shelly and David Spergel in an interactive workshop held at the Flatiron Institute in New York City December 2nd - 6th entitled, Universality: Turbulence Across Vast Scales.


The goal of the workshop is to bring together experts in turbulence from the perspectives of astrophysics, plasma physics, biology, mathematics, atmospheric sciences, and experimental design.  We would like to promote an exchange of ideas, tools, and knowledge between different fields working on the still unsolved turbulence problem.  The conference will include a mix of talks/lectures along with breakout sessions and discussion time.


In addition to cutting-edge research in the listed areas, we will focus the meeting around themes  common to all fields:

1) Statistical algorithms used in different fields to understand turbulence scaling laws

2) How machine learning, computer vision, neural networks are impacting the field of turbulence.

3) Insights from turbulence-like phenomenology applied to different areas of science

The agenda of this meeting is empty