Simons-NSBP Summer Program Closing Ceremony

Ingrid Daubechies Auditorium, IDA (Flatiron Institute)

Ingrid Daubechies Auditorium, IDA

Flatiron Institute

162 5th Avenue 2nd Floor New York, NY 10010

The Simons-NSBP Scholars Program is a unique summer research experience for undergraduate members of the National Society of Black Physicists. In addition to unparalleled research experiences, our Scholars participate in several programs that provide them career advice and exposure to leading scientists. Scholars participate in research projects and career programming in astrophysics, cosmology, quantum physics, biophysics, and neuroscience.

To RSVP or to obtain Zoom information please email Abigail Creem.

    • 9:00 AM
    • Kasey Wagoner: Opening Logistics
    • Stephon Alexander: Message from President of NSBP
    • Session 1: Scholar Presentations
      • 1
        Bridgette Gifford (Remote): Using Machine Learning to Study SARS-CoV-2 Infections
      • 2
        Latavia Thompson: Aster Positioning in Large Cells
      • 3
        Carlton Smith: Theories of Plasticity and Learning
      • 4
        Latoya Anderson: Density Functional Theory, ASE, PySCF, and Quantum Espresso
    • 11:10 AM
      Coffee Break
    • Session 2: Scholar Presentations
      • 5
        Tarisa Ross: Contribution of Phosphorus During Planet Formation
      • 6
        Aaron Kebede: Independent constraints on cosmological and astrophysical parameters using UV luminosity functions at z~6
      • 7
        Jourdain Johnson: The Progression of Alfven Waves and Plasmoid Ejections from SGR 1935+2154
      • 8
        Lawrence Edmond, IV: Tracing Null Geodesics Near Binary Compact Objects
    • 12:15 PM
    • Session 3: Scholar Presentations
      • 9
        Morgan Cole: Taking Temperatures: What the CMB and Relativity Can Tell Us About Galaxy Clusters
      • 10
        Tanah Bua: Characterising unwanted sources of polarisation
      • 11
        Jaid Moore: Radio frequency astronomy and sub-milimeter instrumentation
      • 12
        Crystal Burgos: Selecting Lyman-Alpha Emitters Using Bayesian Photometric Redshift
    • 2:50 PM
      Coffee Break
    • Session 4: Scholar Presentations
      • 13
        Kaylah McGowan: Unlocking the Secrets of the CMB
      • 14
        Nyal McCrea: Dark Matter Hydrodynamic and N-Body Systems
      • 15
        Keduse Worku: Probing CMB anisotropies via the ISW-SZ cross spectrum
    • Hakeem Oluseyi: Message from President Elect of NSBP
    • David Spergel: Message from President of Simons Foundation
    • 4:00 PM

      162 Flatiron Institute Rooftop