NCA Group Meeting: Shiva GhaaniFarashahi presents, "Dynamics of prefrontal representations during learning in multidimensional environments."


Hi there,

This week's NCA Group meeting will be led by Shiva GhaaniFarashahi who will be presenting on "Dynamics of prefrontal representations during learning in multidimensional environments." Abstract below! 

Abstract: Learning appropriate representations of the reward environment is extremely challenging in the real world where there are many options, each with multiple attributes or features. Despite existence of alternative computational solutions for this challenge, neural mechanisms underlying emergence and adoption of sensory and value representations in multidimensional environments remain unknown. To address this, I look at neural recordings from non-human primates during a multi-dimensional probabilistic reversal learning task (Link). 

Please feel free to convene in the 7th Floor Classroom if you are onsite, and if tuning in remotely, please use the zoom credentials below. 

The agenda of this meeting is empty