CCN Seminar: Professor Venkatesh Murthy, Harvard University


Hi everyone! 

Please join us for our CCN Seminar on Monday, November 29th at 11AM with our guest speaker, Professor Venkatesh Murthy, Harvard University.

Title: "Olfaction: ripe for theory and computation"

Abstract: Animals sense the chemical world to guide their behaviors. Fluctuating mixtures of odorants, often transported in fluid environments, are detected by an array of chemical sensors and parsed by neural circuits to recognize odor objects that can inform behavioral decisions. Unlike other sensory systems, the olfactory system lacks an obvious topographic organization, and neural connectivity across brain regions is seemingly unstructured. These anomalies offer an opportunity to understand the unique features of olfactory processing, and perhaps also uncover common principles across different sensory systems. I will discuss use some studies from our group to illustrate fruitful interactions between experiments and theory, and hopefully entice others to consider studying this system.

Please feel free to convene in the 3rd Floor Classroom if you are onsite, and if tuning in remotely, please use the zoom credentials below.