Flatiron Institute Professional Development

"Communicating Your Science to Non-Scientists," an FI Lodestar Professional Development Event

by Ivvet Modinou (Science Sandbox)


Description: There has always been a need for scientists to share their work with those who are outside of academia. This session we will focus on understanding your audience and their needs and going over some structures that can help you communicate your key messages. The focus will be on live events but it may be transferable to any other mode of communication. We will cover a little bit about the history of science communication as a field, new ways to develop your material and run through the opportunities you have to get involved with outreach here at the Foundation.

The talk will be held from 3-4:30 pm in Flatiron's IDA (or via Zoom, please see link below), and a reception will follow from 4:30-6 pm in the 2nd floor Promenade. All are welcome at either or both events.