Mentoring Junior Scientists - Summer Interns & Beyond


Time: 3-4 pm (Panel), 4-5 pm (Reception)

Location: 162 Fifth Avenue, 2nd floor, IDA (+ Zoom option) for the Panel and Promenade for the Reception

As we get ready for summer interns to arrive, please join us for a panel discussion about mentoring junior scientists. Panelists will share both the mentor and mentee perspective, as well as mentoring experiences and advice.


Bob Carpenter, Senior Research Scientist, CCM

Julia Koeher, Research Scientist, CCB

LaToya Anderson, Associate Research Analyst, CCQ

Ruth Angus, Associate Research Scientist, CCA

SueYeon Chung, Associate Research Scientist, CCN


Alyssa Picchini Schaffer, Senior Scientist & Administrative Director for Neuroscience Collaborations, Simons Collaboration on the Global Brain (SCGB)

Annie Wong, Human Resources Manager, Flatiron Institute

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