Fluid Dynamics Summer School

5th Floor Classroom/5-Flatiron Institute (162 5th Avenue)

5th Floor Classroom/5-Flatiron Institute

162 5th Avenue

162 5th AveNew York, NY 10010
Phil Armitage, Yan-Fei Jiang
The Flatiron Computational Fluid Dynamics for Astrophysics summer school will introduce students to the breadth of numerical methods needed to model the range of physical processes encountered in astrophysics. Through lectures and hands-on tutorials, the school will aim to cover different numerical techniques (finite volume, spectral, Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics, Moving Mesh, high-order), different physical processes including MHD and radiation transfer, and different architectures (CPU and GPU computing). The different methods will be illustrated with scientific examples across fields, including star and galaxy formation, the ISM, and high energy astrophysics.
Students will be expected to learn at least one of the codes and run some simple simulations by the end of this program.
The sign-up sheet for local students is now closed. All lecture recordings will be available upon request. Please complete this form to receive the recorded lectures via email. 

7/31/2023- Romain Teyssier, Chris White, Drummond Fielding

8/1/2023- Andrew Giuliani, Stephanie Tonnesen, David Velasco

8/2/2023- Jim Stone, David Velasco, Minghao Guo

8/3/2023- Daniel Price, Ulrich Steinwandel, Farzana Meru

8/4/2023- Wladimir Lyra, Linn Eriksson, Jiayin Dong (DJ)

8/7/2023- Mike Zingale

8/8/2023- Keaton Burns, Daniel Lecoanet

8/9/2023- Phil Chang, Andrew MacFadyen, Shy Genel

8/10/2023- Shane Davis, Kaze Wong,Yan-Fei Jiang

8/11/2023- Daniel Price, Ulrich Steinwandel, Phil Armitage



DateTopicsAfternoon tutorial topic
7/31/2023Finite volume methodsIntroduction to the Flatiron cluster by Lehman Garrison + flash talks from participants
8/1/2023High order / discontinuous Galerkin schemesAthena++
8/2/2023GPU hydrodynamics codesGPU hydropdynamics
8/3/2023Smooth particle hydrodynamicsSPH / Phantom code
8/4/2023Finite difference methodsPencil code
8/7/2023Coding solvers for fluidsexperimenting with pyro
8/8/2023Spectral methodsDedalus
8/9/2023Moving meshMANGA code
8/10/2023Radiation Monte Carlo, visualizationBlender tutorial
8/11/2023MHDMHD methods
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