Best Practices in Mentoring Junior Scientists

Ingrid Daubechies Auditorium/2-IDA (162 5th Avenue)

Ingrid Daubechies Auditorium/2-IDA

162 5th Avenue


Summer at Simons 2023 Intern Mentors are invited to gather for a panel discussion about mentoring junior scientists;  panelists will share both the mentor and mentee perspective, as well as mentoring experiences and advice.



  • Lawrence Saul, Senior Research Scientist, CCM
  • LaToya Anderson, Associate Research Analyst, CCQ
  • Miles Stoudenmire, Research Scientist, CCQ
  • Robert Blackwell, Senior Software Engineer, SCC
  • Natalie Sauerwald, Associate Research Scientist, CCB
  • Megan Bedell, Associate Research Scientist, CCA



  • Rebecca Tancredi, Flatiron Institute Professional Development Co-Chair and Talent and Development Manager, SF Human Resources
  • Geycel Best, Flatiron Institute Human Resources Director

To participate via Zoom, register here:

Matthew Turner, FIPD Co-Chair
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