Talk: Mati Patel

3rd Floor Conference Room/3-Flatiron Institute (162 5th Avenue)

3rd Floor Conference Room/3-Flatiron Institute

162 5th Avenue


Speaker: Mati Patel (University of Hull)


Bio: I started out as a biologist, I did my undergraduate degree in biology
at Oxford and focused in my final year on evolution. After my
undergraduate I undertook a computational biology masters course at
Imperial college London, silwood park. During my master's I focused on
simulation and neutral theories of biodiversity.

I then returned to Oxford for my DPhil with Stuart West and Michael
Bonsall. During my DPhil I focused on the theory of helping and
harming behaviours in animals and their evolution.
I then we on to do a evolutionary theory postdoc at Cambridge with
Rufus Johnstone. My second postdoc was with the Centre for the Future
of intelligence at Oxford and focused on evolution of cognition and
ethology of artificial intelligence.

Title: The post Darwin problem with Social Traits

Abstract: During my talk I'd like to talk about evolutionary theory and relatedness.

Specifically I will discuss the post Darwin problem with social traits
and the work of WD Hamilton in establishing inclusive fitness. I will
also discuss George prices contributions with the price equation.

Finally I would also like to discuss relatedness and the ways it has
been calculated. As part of my current work is thinking about
generalised relatedness to more than one species.

I am happy to have a discussion on any of the topics mentioned in my
research interests. The reason I've chosen to focus here on
evolutionary theory is that there is a large divide between America
and UK on how evolution is studied so I thought it might be worthwhile
area to explore and discuss.

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