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ML@FI with Alex Wiltschko (CEO & Founder, Osmo.AI and Entrepreneur in Residence, Google Ventures)

by Dr Alex Wiltschko (CEO & Founder, Osmo.AI)

Ingrid Daubechies Auditorium/2-IDA (162 5th Avenue)

Ingrid Daubechies Auditorium/2-IDA

162 5th Avenue


In this talk, Alex Wiltschko will discuss three sets of results showing that a) olfaction is a sense that can be mapped, albeit only in high-dimensions, b) this map can be used to predict human olfactory responses to molecules at superhuman accuracy, c) the same map works across nearly all species studied by olfactory neuroscience and d) a possible explanation for the broad evolutionary applicability of the map may be explained by an unappreciated link between biological metabolism and scent.

Alex's talk will be followed by a reception on the IDA Promenade from 4:00-5:00 PM.

For Zoom information, please see the Google Calendar invite or contact Matthew Turner.

Organized by

Matthew Turner

Senior Administrative Manager, CCN