This CCM seminar takes place on Thursdays 10am, in the 3rd floor classroom at 162 Fifth Avenue. Speakers are usually invited, and should give a 55 minute talk aimed at a research (ie graduate level) audience in numerical analysis; there may be 10 mins of Q&A after the talk. Topics center on those of interest to the scientific computing research staff/postdocs at CCM, including: approximation, quadrature, numerical PDEs, modeling, applied mathematics, integral equations, spectral methods, fast algorithms and transforms, numerical analysis, high-performance computing, and software libraries.

Organization notes:

  • Please book speakers by editing the master schedule doc here

  • This seminar used to be called variously Numerical Analysis from 2017-2018, CCM Seminar 2019-2020; see its former website

  • Fore more informal numerical analysis discussion, see the SCDG (formerly SCSC).

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