Our main goal is to create a lively, collegial environment around central mathematical questions in Deep Learning that are relevant for applications, with an emphasis on hard sciences. It is thus precisely aligned with our original proposal. This working group will be the seed for research projects on which postdoc hired within Flatiron will be able to participate freely.

The working group will include researchers from Flatiron as well as the university partners present in our proposal, along with students and postdocs from your groups. We have initially structured the interactions around a weekly meeting, on Tuesdays from 11am to noon EST. This meeting will consist on Seminars and Problem Sessions, whose goal is to present a topic and open research questions, and will alternate between a single 40min presentation by one of us followed by discussion, or two shorter presentations by postdocs or senior students. Our goal is that these weekly meetings will serve as a backbone for our collaboration, and that spontaneous working groups will spawn around some of the discussed topics.

We intend these meetings to be research seminars with an emphasis on open questions, and as such we will be selective in opening up to the public. We will distribute the invitations on a case-by-case basis, but we insist that your own research groups and close collaborators are more than welcome.

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