(Half-day Workshop)

Instructor: Carl M. Cohen, PhD

President, Science Management Associates


This is a highly interactive half day workshop in which participants will learn and practice techniques for dealing with challenging situations and people in the scientific workplace. This is not a generic workshop – it specifically addresses interactions which scientists deal with daily – interpreting data, negotiating budgets or project plans, receiving and giving scientific criticism and dealing with interpersonal conflicts in the lab or workplace. During the workshop we will explore the impediments to successful management of these situations and will learn how our own personalities and behaviors influence our ability to perform successfully under stress. We will provide practical approaches to conflict resolution and negotiation to help participants deal with such interactions productively.

This is our most popular workshop and is typically considered a pre-requisite for the other workshops we offer.

• How do you negotiate? We will engage in a role-playing exercise that will enable participants to examine their own behavior and reactions in a variety of challenging interpersonal situations. Participants will learn how to recognize the inner signs of anxiety and anger before these feelings take control of their behavior.

• What are your preferred negotiation styles? Participants will take a pre-workshop quiz that will help them gain insight into their preferred negotiation styles.

• Becoming a skillful negotiator

  • How to prepare for a difficult discussion or negotiation - the power of interests versus positions.
  • How to manage yourself in a difficult negotiation.
  • How to positively influence others in a negotiation.
  • How to keep a negotiation on track and generate new options. 
  • How to deal with “brick walls.”

• Dealing with difficult people. Simple, easy to remember tools to manage interactions with people who are angry, demanding or passive aggressive.