1st Speaker:  Alex Rautu, Ph.D., Flatiron Research Fellow,  Biophysical Modeling

Topic: Composition, Shape and Drift Instabilities of Membrane-Bound Compartments under Active Vesicular Trafficking

We study the role of membrane trafficking on the morphology of subcellular compartments, such as those encountered within the eukaryotic cell. These continuously exchange material amongst themselves via small transport vesicles, along highly regulated trafficking pathways. We develop a general theory that allows us to study the dynamical interplay of such active processes of fusion and fission with the membrane morphology as well as the hydrodynamics of the ambient fluid. Here, the activity leads to a dynamical renormalization of the membrane parameters, which in turn drives the membrane to nonequilibrium steady-states with distinct morphologies. We believe that these biophysical processes could play an important role to organelles such as golgi and endosomes.

2nd Speaker:  Doug Renfrew,  Ph.D., Research Scientist, Systems Biology

Topic: A Primer on Peptoids and Current Peptoid Projects

I will give an introduction to peptoid foldamers (oligomeric N-substituted-glycines), covering some past works as well as current investigations on cyclic peptoid macrocycles.

(By Invitation)