TRIQS Summer School 2023

Centre Port Royal, Paris area, France

Centre Port Royal, Paris area, France
TRIQS Organizers
This 4-day Summer School aims at teaching advanced methodologies in computational condensed matter physics, together with the related background in many-body theory. This includes:
  • Second quantization and Green functions
  • Continuous-time Quantum Monte-Carlo
  • Dynamical mean-field theory for model and ab-initio systems
  • Two-particle response functions within RPA and TPSC


These topics will be conveyed in theoretical lectures, which will be accompanied by hands-on tutorials using the TRIQS software platform.

A poster session will be held in order to foster interactions between participants.

The Summer School is targeted at students at the doctoral or master level. The deadline for applications is May 5th. We will notify successful applicants within 14 days after the deadline.
The TRIQS Summer School will cover the housing, meals, and shuttle services from/to the train station.
Only transportation will have to be covered by accepted participants.
Code of Conduct

The meeting should take place in a congenial and inclusive atmosphere. For that reason we will ask every admitted applicant to accept our `code of conduct' linked here.