Simons Collaboration on Extreme Wave Phenomena Based on Symmetries Annual Meeting

October 21 - 22, 2021

Thurs.: 8:30 AM—5 PM
Fri.: 8:30 AM—2 PM

Simons Foundation 
Ingrid Daubechies Auditorium, 2nd Floor 
162 Fifth Avenue at 21st Street 
New York, NY 10010 

Andrea Alù, City College of New York

Meeting Goals:
The goal of the collaboration annual meeting is to provide an overview of the major advances in this first year of our Simons Collaboration and discuss the use of various forms of symmetries to guide the optimal designs of metamaterials for extreme manipulation of light, radio-waves and mechanical waves. The meeting will focus on symmetry-driven engineered materials and associated extreme wave phenomena.



Andrea Alù, City College of New York

Michel Fruchart,  The University of Chicago

Demetrios Christodoulides, The College of Optics and Photonics (CREOL)

Tsampikos Kottos, Wesleyan University

Robert Kohn, Courant Institute, NYU

A. Douglas Stone, Yale University

Alexander Khanikaev, City College of New York

Nader Engheta, University of Pennsylvania