Oct 22 – 25, 2021
Flatiron Institute and Princeton University
America/New_York timezone



Speakers at Princeton, October 22-23, include:

Marc Kamionkowski
Kris Pardo 
Lyman Page
Kathryn Johnston
Jeremy Kasdin
Emmanuel Schaan
Michael Strauss
Sudeep Das
Will Coulton
Lisa Einstein
Shirley Ho
Oliver Philcox
Blake Sherwin
Mat Madhavacheril
Simon Dedeo

For in-person attendees at the Princeton portion, please consider giving a 2-minute 2-slide ‘fireslide'. You might want to include 1 slide on science and 1 slide on your connections to David. Sign up here (we have ~30 spots available).


Speakers at CCA, October 24-25, include:

Rachel Somerville
David Hogg
Drummond Fielding
Megan Bedell
Sasha Philippov
Adrian Price-Whelan
Laurence Levasseur
Simone Aiola
Phil Armitage
Will Farr
Stephon Alexander
Francisco Villaescusa-Navarro
Miles Cranmer
Katerina Chatziioannou
Tjitske Starkenburg
Dan Foreman-Mackey